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Welcome to the official SMN News (click on SMN News to prove the channel is real) wiki! SMN News is a comedic news reporting service that is reported on a social network called YouTube. It reports news that most of the time is fake and click bait and it is based on Keemstar's Dramaalert but SMN News is not racist and offensive. The two reporters are AwesomePikachu22 and Oscar.

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SMN News 1

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Videos not yet made on the wiki but you can still watch on our channel:

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Videos to come:

SMN News 13


SMN News 100 subscriber special edition

SMN News: Christmas Special 2017

SMN News: Halloween Special 2017

SMN News: Easter Special 2018

SMN News: Valentines Day Special 2018

SMN News: New Years Special 2017 

SMN News: ST Patrick's Day Special 2018

SMN News: April Fools Day Special 2018